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First Families of Gwinnett

The Genealogy Committee of the Gwinnett Historical Society is pleased to present the First Families of Gwinnett County program. First Families of Gwinnett will recognize members of the society whose ancestors, who lived in Gwinnett County between 1818 and 1850.


For ancestors who were here by 1820.
Primary sources include the 1820 Census, Land Lottery, and surviving court records.


   For ancestors who were here by 1850.

Primary sources include the 1850 Census,

Land Lottery, and surviving court records.

Members interested in being recognized as descendants of families that resided in Gwinnett County during it's infancy may obtain an an application package from our office or by filling out the initial application, including a $5 fee and mailing it to the address below. You can also email the application to:

Gwinnett Historical Society
P.O. Box 261
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Attn: First Families

What's Involved?

The application package includes all instructions needed to complete the application and file for status in the First Families of Gwinnett program. Like similar lineage society applications, the application requires proving the direct line of descent to the early ancestors using copies of death certificates, marriage records, census records, and similar such documentation.


The records compiled from this program will be used to supplement our Family History Files. These records will assist in compiling a permanent record of early Gwinnett County families with supporting documentation that can be shared with other researchers.


The final application fee is $20. Participants will be recognized at an annual award ceremony to be announced at a later date. Each proven member will receive a certificate and a First Families of Gwinnett Pin that was especially designed for the program.

First Families of Gwinnett Program
We hope our members will be as excited over this program as we are and encourage you to become one of the proven family lines of Gwinnett County.
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