midshipman Henry L. Peeples

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midshipman Henry L. Peeples

Postby wwright » Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:29 pm

Might someone help?

At the end of the Civil War the midshipman of the CSNA were placed on guard of the CSA treasure. They guarded it by train south to Abbeville, SC.
A new midshipman...Henry L. Peeples...may have been one of these cadets. Might anyone be able to verify this? Was he with Lt. WH Parker? Where and when did Peeples surrender?

thanks for any in for on him from 4/2/65-5/?/65,
Bill in Denver
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Re: midshipman Henry L. Peeples

Postby Jim » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:51 pm

I've been researching the men from Gwinnett who served for my series of articles on the war. This is all I know about him:

"Peeples Henry L - Private, appears on a receipt for clothing issued July 25 1864. Entered at the age of 17 and served till December 1865 [sic] then went to the navy serving under Hiram Parks Bell and served as a guard for confederate money, Source Born Jan 10, 1847 Rep from Gwinnett county Source AC Jul 19, 1891 Pension from wife Mary A Peeples Husband Died May 1st 1918 in Lawrenceville Served December 1863 at Saltville, Va. Married Nov 3, 1870 Was a body Guard for Jefferson Davis Witness W.W. Wilson Nary Died Feb 18, 1920"

I believe it came from an online source of another researcher who was studying the 9th GA Lt Artillery. The company D of the 9th was commanded by Tyler Peeples. They were ordered to Chaffin's Bluff in December of 1864 to man the heavy guns on the James River. It is certainly possible that he transferred at this time but I don't know what records exist for the Navy nor do I know Bell's record. As I understand it, some of the men from the 9th were cut off and not able to retreat with Lee out of Richmond so it's possible Peeples was attached to Davis at this time.
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