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Corleys in and from Gwinnett County

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:14 pm
by NellPlasterKing
I'm trying so hard to connect families who are both in and from Gwinnett County. My grandfather was born in Gwinnett County (John Thomas Corley 8-9-1874). His family migrated to Alabama then to Texas (home to John's descendents, including me). Siblings are William Jesse Corley (born in Gwinnett County, 1872) who lived most of his life and died in Dale County, Alabama; Amanda Jane Corley (born 1872) married Caswell Woodham, and they also lived and died in Dale County, Alabama; little is known of oldest sister Medora Corley, born 1868; Lucy A. Corley (born 1876) married an Eakins, probably in Texas, but no records are found. I think their parents might have been Hiram (or Hearn) Corley and Melvina Whitlock Corley. If anyone is researching Corleys at this time, I would love to chat or share info. I'm very impressed with the info available thru various websites about Gwinnett County.

Re: Corleys in and from Gwinnett County

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:41 am
by Barrycdog
Not Sure if the is the Same John Thomas Corley but I found this Poem in the Atlanta Constitution April 17, 1919 Page 9

O friends, I only ask of you
A little love, so dear:
Give me Love's roses while live-
Life needs the flowers here

Not when this form is 'neath the sod
With flowers my dust endow:
Give me one smile Life's little while-
We need the blessing Now!

Wait not till I'm beyond Life's Ken,
Silent and far away:
Perhaps I'll dream of roses then,
But give Love's flowers Today!

- John Thomas Corley
Atlanta, Ga.

:lol: Nell, you forgot to send those flowers didn't you.