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In the Georgia Journal, Madison, Georgia, August 25, 1831. you find mention of the town of Sanfordsville in Gwinnett County which makes me think of a Sand Ford for crossing the river. The question is where was Sandfordsville. In the Southern Banner, Aug. 11, 1838 you see The list from the Southern Banner, Aug. 11, 1838 points to a stop on the stage from Lawrenceville. Pickneyville is in Forsyth County, Marshalltown (1838-1841) is also in Forsyth County, Lebanon, Georgia is a Cherokee County community that is now absorbed into Holly Springs. While the community is locally known and still referred to as Toonigh. At any rate their may have been two Sandfordsville's but not sure one in Cass and the other in Gwinnett but the article mentions the town in 1831 before the Cherokee Land lottery so boundaries may be different from today. Any idea?
Southern Banner, Aug. 11, 1838
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Georgia Journal, Madison, Georgia, August 25, 1831.
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Cass County Map
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Re: Sanfordsville

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An interesting tidbit.
I believe there was just one Sanfordsville and judging by the map I would say that it was near where Emerson is now.
Prior to the 1832 creation of counties in the lottery, a large portion of Cherokee land was administered by Gwinnett. It also says "on the Hightower[Etowah river]" and Bennettsville, Ala was likely the same that is now a ghost town near Gadsden [,_Alabama]. Given the travel time listed, the stage probably left Lawrenceville, passed through Pinckneyville, then over the predecessor to Holcomb's ferry and on up the Alabama road(Holcomb Bridge) to where it crossed the Etowah at Sanfordsville 30 hours later and on to Bennettsville/Gadsden.
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