Name: Hometown53-321
Title: Pony League Team
Description: Successors to the 1952 Little League team. Front row (l-r): Freddie Dodson, ss; Bobby Shelnut, of; Blue Bagwell, 1b; Billy Branch, of; Sonny Thompson, coach; Second row: Randolph Simpson, coach; Rob Mahaffey, 2b; Wayne Mosley, of; Lanny Clack, of; Billy Huston, 1b; Charles Wilder, c, of; Gary Simpson, p; Wayman Edwards, 2b; Third row: Hollis Britt, manager. Not pictured: Larry Puckett, c; Jimmy Hood, 3b; Bobby Wilkerson, of; Hance Hunter, ss; Wilson Parks, of; Tommy Williams, p; Buddy Williams, p; Wayne King, 3b; Haned Paden, ss; Frankie Sammon, c; Bobby Herrington, 2b; Van Britt, 1b, Butch Britt, 3b; James Fowler, of; David Huston, of; Caldwell Thompson, of.
Year: 1953
Width of original image: 4.75 "
Height of original image: 3.75 "
Source: Print/Photograph
Printworthy: No
Collection Number/Location: Archives-Hometown Scrapbook 1952-53

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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