Name: GWN-038
Title: Grand Jury
Description: Front row (l-r): G.G. Brownlee, Albert Jefferson (Pat) Bowen, John A. Minor; Second row: Alfred Frank Martin, William Millington Shelley, William Albert Brogdon, ___ Smith, Joel Frank Wages or M.H. Brannon, Thomas Jefferson Smith; Third row: ___, J. Anderson Cheek, John Bullock, James L. McDaniel, Jim F. Langley, Robert A. Wilbanks, Jesse Richardson, Rev. James Jones; Back row: Walter C. Drake, ___ Brand, ___ Cooper, ___, W.A. Lanford, A.V. Kinsey.
Year: 1916
Date: August 
Width of original image: 8 "
Height of original image: 10 "
Source: Modern Print/Copy of a photo
Printworthy: Yes
Collection Number/Location: Album-Grand Juries

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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