Name: GHS-1009
Title: Grand Jury
Description: 1) R.B. Whitworth, Foreman 2) A.T. Patterson, 3) T.W. Lee, 4) B.H. Lanford, 5) J.N. Hutchins, 6) A.W. Phillips, 7. E.P. Minor, 8) T.B. Garner, 9) J.W. Haynie, 10) L.P. Pharr, 11) S.A. Huff, 12) N.L. Pirkle, 13) J.E. Lowe, 14) J.R. Whitley, 15) W.M. ___, 16) J.B. Maltbie, 17) J.W. Street, 18) J.J.Hinton, 19) J.D. Right, 20) L.J. Hambrick, 21) A.T. Roberts, 22) T.B. Still, 23) E.G. McDaniel, clerk, A.G. Cheek L. C. The photo does not indicate which numbers are which.
Year: 191x
Width of original image: 10 "
Height of original image: 6.5 "
Source: Modern Print/Copy of a photo
Printworthy: Yes
Donor: R. H. Thomas
Collection Number/Location: Album-Grand Juries

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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