Name: GHS-2078
Title: John Willis Britt Family
Description: Back row (l-r): Charles McDaniel (Lorena Britt's husb), Herman McDaniel (Charles' son), Gussie Mae McDaniel (Charles' dau), Harvey Britt, Celia Britt (John's dau), Ida Mae Britt (Harvey's wife), Henrietta Britt (John's dau), Jim Goldsmith (Annie Britt's husb), Montine Goldsmith (Annie's dau), Harold Goldsmith (Annie's son), Louise Goldsmith (Annie's dau), Gertrud Britt (Fred's wife), Fred Britt, Ruby Britt (Roy's wife), Roy Britt, Raymond Britt, Ruth Britt (Raymond's wife); Seated: Lorena Britt (Charles' wife), John Britt, Clara Britt (John's wife), John Willis Britt, Mary Jane Jordan Britt (his wife), Annie Britt Goldsmith, Roland R. Williams (Clara's husb), Clara Britt Williams ; Children: Charles McDaniel Jr., Herman or Marion McDaniel?, Celia or Henrietta Britt?, _?_, ___, ___, ___, ___
Year: 1924
Width of original image: 10.75 "
Height of original image: 6.5 "
Source: Print/Photograph
Printworthy: Yes
Collection Number/Location: Oversize photos box

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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