Name: Mewborn-00
Title: About the Mewborn Collection
Description: This collection of photos and textiles was donated by Jan Smith of Hoschton. She had been a boarder with this family and when Louis and Evelyn died without children this became hers. She wanted the collection to return to Gwinnett County. John Vestal Mewborn (1838-1913) married Elizabeth Noel. Their son James Gustavus (some say Augustus) known as Gus married Lula Josephine Lankford (1876-1958) daughter of Robert Cotesworth Lankford (1848-1914) and Georgia Minor (1853-1907). Gus and Lula had one son Louie (1901-1976) before he died of Consumption in 1901. Louie married Evelyn Hollingsworth in 1942.
Year: 2013
Date: October 
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Donor: Jan Smith
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