Name: GHS-1014
Title: Lawreneville 1908
Description: Oak Street in the foreground looking SE. (1) Simmons-Ezzard house - Pike and Clayton, (2) Jule Oakes house - Crogan and Chestnut, (3) F. F. Juhan house - Pike St, burned, (4) Russell house - later moved near 12 to make room for the Ware house and burned in the 1980s, (5) Former Charles Henry Smith "Bill Arp" house - burned, (6) Extant house on Perry St - torn down after 1990, (7) Scruggs house and tavern - Pike and Perry, (8) Courthouse, (9) Brown Bank building, (10) Cornett Hotel, (11) George Bagwell house - faced the Mitchell house across Pike St, both demolished, (12) Barn, (13) Outhouses, (14) Courthouse building - later the library, (15) Windmill on courthouse grounds, (16) Farmland. An unnumbered copy is also available (Vanishing Gwinnett II p43)
Year: 1908
Width of original image: 10 "
Height of original image: 7 "
Source: Modern Print/Copy of a photo
Printworthy: Yes
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Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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