Name: WinnCain-25
Title: Miss Merrill McMichael's Seventh Grade - E. Rivers School, Atlanta
Description: Miss Merrill McMichael's Seventh Grade - E. Rivers School, Atlanta. (first row l to r) Eugenia N., Doris S., Muriel H., Dot C., Ann B. Sis, Flo, Betty Ann L. Amey? P.; (second row) Jack E., Barbara K., Betty B., Jean L., Helen M., Alice Neal, Martha R., Jim C. (third row) Joe K., Virginia L. S.?, Martha B., Betty Bolton, Lillian W., Jackie L. (fourth row) John Mc., Whittier W., John W., Dick H., Mary B., Mary C. (fifth row) Roy H., Frank F., Norman W., Claude T. (back row) Billy B., Robert W., George H.
Year: 1936
Width of original image: 8 "
Height of original image: 6.25 "
Source: Print/Photograph
Printworthy: Yes
Donor: Rebecca Giles
Collection Number/Location: 

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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