Name: GHS-2005
Title: Reunion at the home of Thomas Sorrells
Description: On Carl-Bethlehem Road.Children (l-r): Thelma Faye Cain [Prince](1932- ) author of "Our Southern Ancestors", , , , , Thomas Vivian Sorrells w/ hand on shoulder of Leonn Pruett, Lamar Pruett, Hazel Pruett [Allen?]. 4th from left is William Edward Hughes Jr., Center of photo in front of pine is James Judson Sorrells, to his right is daughter Nellie Sorrells Miller. In front of her are Adazoe[?] Hughes Green & Hulsey Green. Next to Hulsey is Jenny Sorrells (Thomas Sorrells' wife w/ hat), Right of James Judson Sorrells: William Clement Sorrells, Adolphus Eugene Sorrells, unk, James Edward Sorrells, Eva Lemma Sorrells Henningsen. To right of Jenny Sorrells is Benjamin Sorrells.
Year: 193x
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