Name: Britt-09
Title: William Hugh Britt Family
Description: Adeline (Nash) Britt (1866-1943),Walter Thomas Britt (1896-1968), Darling Hugh Britt (1891-1979), William Hugh Britt (1854-1938) son of John R. "on porch of Hutchins St [Rd] home bought from Hutchins who bought from Laniers" (T.R. Britt believes it was owned by the Craig family NOT the Hutchins - Feb 2014)
Year: 191x
Width of original image: 7 "
Height of original image: 4.75 "
Source: Modern Print/Copy of a photo
Printworthy: ---
Donor: Thomas Riley Britt
Collection Number/Location: 

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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