Name: Clower-09
Title: Lawrenceville High School Graduation 1929
Description: Front row (l-r): Robert Holland, Elry Cash, Mitchell Clower (president), Nowell Sikes, Leonard Greeson, Gladstone Daniel, J.R. Whitley, Ambrose Green, Lawsha Mauldin, Troy Sharpton, Bernard McMillan; Middle row: Mary Alice Green, Grace Puckett, Lucile Cain, Mildred Hamilton, Tommie Mae Hopkins, Laverne Mackin, Rosalind Ware (secretary and treasurer), Blondine Smith, Claudine Swanson, Mary Sue Light, Montine Davis, Daisy Greeson; Back row: D.C. Kelly, Leila Tanner, Maggie Jo Sammon, Wylene Fortune, J.D. Teague, Dorcas Moulder, Beatrice Biggers, O.A. Nix, Margeret Slappy, Virginia Ezzard, Clyde McMillan, Mary Lou Tanner, Jeanette Hood, Selma Mauldin, Junior Davis. Mitchell Clower: president, best all round, most popular, capt track team, mgr basketball team, salutatorian.
Year: 1929
Width of original image: 10.25 "
Height of original image: 6.25 "
Source: Print/Photograph
Printworthy: Yes
Collection Number/Location: Archives

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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